About Garcinia Cambogia Plant

Garcinia cambogia has taken the world by storm in the recent past owing it to the weight loss attributes it is associated with and health benefits. There are quite a number of sources that claim, it is a very fantastic fat burner and a great way to shed excess weight. Some nutritionist and dietitians have featured it and various calling it a substance of magic.

An Overview Of Garcinia Cambogia Plant

dddssssGarcinia cambogia is a fruit that is very popular in Southeast Asia. The fruit has different names that it is referred to with depending on the region of use, but it is the very same plant. The history of this fruit includes the following names which are quite common Garcinia gummi-gutta, gamboge, Malabar tamarind, vadakkan puli, brindleberry and kudam puli. Due to different names variation it is referred by scientific name Garcinia cambogia that it is typically recognized across the world with. 

The Garcinia fruit has a lot of species and grows especially in the thrives and sub-tropics mainly in forests like coastal kerala, Southeast Asia, India, central and west Africa where the history of this plant dates to. The plant has a thin rind or skin with quiet prominent vertical lobes. Its size ranges from the size of a large grapefruit to the size of a small orange. It also varies in color from reddish pumpkin color to yellowish green. 

Garcinia cambogia history has shown that it have different uses. Often it is used in chutneys and curries in Indian cuisine, for herbal and medicinal properties with claims that it helps to treat parasites and worms. Apart from being used in food preservation and preparation it is also used in traditional medicine as well as natural mild laxative. When it is used in excess the fruit, as with most of the fruits it will aid in constipation. A trial that was carried out in 1918 on the active component found in Garcinia cambogia (hydroxycitric acid) found out it to be a potential anti-obesity agent. The research was conducted to a group of people who were about 135 in number. It is known that HCA high dosage helps to counter epididymal fat deposition and accumulation. Recently in 2012 a well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz promoted Garcinia cambogia superiority in weight loss endeavors making the fruit famous and the supplement grew heavily over the night. It is cited as the best supplement to use while looking forward to lose weight as most experts have examined it in the past.

Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia extract is the one that is thought as the active ingredient that helps in weight loss and management. It is a component that operates sin different ways to help you achieve this goal. It has hydro citric acid or HCA as mentioned earlier that assists you to suppress appetite eliminating the need of snacking between meals. It also hinders the cells that makes new fat deposits or stops them completely as well as assisting to kill the fat that is already present in the body. The extract also assists improving the body immune system and speeding up the metabolic process. Additionally, HCA has been found out to be very relevant for several other methods. People who sue this product are known to have body wellness as well as mental health.

HCA in weight loss supplements helps to enhance immunity, fight obesity, and accelerate metabolic rate creating a stable body immune system. People who utilize Garcinia cambogia extract have been known to be slimmer, healthier and more importantly very active. It is a natural supplement so when well utilized you should expect very positive results at the end. 

Health Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia


1. Suppresses food cravings and appetite

Suppressing food craving and appetite will help you to manage undesired weight since there will less calories intake between meals. 

2. Boosts burning of body fat

The supplement found in Garcinia cambogia helps to exhibit sugar into energy before it accumulates and becomes body fat.

3. Improves your mood

One of the characteristic that makes this supplement to be named magic is the ability to improve the mood of those suing it. Right mood will give you lots of advantages including the ability not to over eat and eat only when scheduled, thus avoiding calories pile up.

4. Reduces cholesterol

HCA the main component in Garcinia cambogia as mentioned lowers blood stream cholesterol reducing body fat levels, giving you a noteworthy improvement in your health.